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Consular Services


 Requirements for Passport Application/Renewal

·     Signed Application letter addressed to the Director General of Immigration and Emigration of Rwanda

·    (For Children, Application letter is to be co-signed by both parents)

·    Filled in Application form (Written In CAPITAL LETTERS)

·    Two(2) Passport Photos (with White background)

·     Copy of National ID/Passport/ Foreigners ID/( For Children a copy of Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate of Parents are required)

·         Passport Fee is 100USD. (Passport Misplacement Fee is USD50)


Visa Issues:

·                     Nationals of All Countries traveling to or transiting through Rwanda will be issued with Visa at the Point of Entry

·                     Rwanda Single Entry visa costs: 30USD and applicant will need to have Valid Passport (valid for at least for 6 months)

·                     For the applicants who were issued with single entry visa and need to extend their visit or change the purpose of their stay in Rwanda, may do so at the Rwanda Immigration Headquarters





1.       Declaration of the child should be within thirty (30) days after birth;

2.       Birth record;

3.       Parent’s IDs;

4.       Two (2) Witnesses;

5.       In-case the child was not born in a health facility:

- A birth certificate issued by a competent authority of the place of birth of the child indicating the names of the child’s parents and date of birth;

- Two (02) witnesses aged at least eighteen (18) years;

6.       For the child that born out of wedlock:

-          Both parent’s IDs

-          Recognition letter from one of the parents who is not with the child

7.       Both parents should be registered at the High Commission.




1.       Declaration of the deceased should be within a period of thirty (30) days;

2.        Medical certificate of death or death record;

3.       Two (02) witnesses aged at least eighteen (18) years of age;

4.       The copy of the deceased’s ID (in-case it’s a child, the copy of the birth record).





1.       IDs of both spouses;

2.        Birth certificates;

3.       Certificate of celibacy or death certificate of former spouse or divorce certificate of former marriage;

4.       Publication of marriage should be at least twenty (20) days prior to the marriage ceremony.




        I.            NOTICE OF MARRIAGE


1.       Names of spouses;

2.       Occupation of spouses;

3.       Both spouses’ domicile and residence;

4.       Both spouses’ age; and

5.       Both spouses’ parents’ names, domicile and residence.



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